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BANGLADESHUseful info on International Driving permit/International Driving Licence/IDP. Turn around time : 4 – 12 working days. Valid for one year; Valid only in conjuction with a current driver's license. . Apr 18, 2009 One can apply for a international driving license from Motor driving Association of Bangladesh and process it with in ten working days. Jun 6, 2015 Introduction. Application for an International Driving Permit - |4 Copy stampsize. . Submit Application with 5 copies of Photo ( 1 Passport size + 4 Stamp Size) along with. Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) is not responsible ( Office time: 10:30am to 03:30pm, weekdays). Add to cart. “The Automobile Association of Bangladesh” is authorized to issue international driving permit. Altogether, the process might take about four months. "The Automobile Association of Bangladesh" is authorized to issue international driving permit. SKU: GVS2015BDIDC9554 Category: Identity Checks Tags: A Bangladeshi person is dependable on BRTA for his motorcycle driving license in Bangladesh by BRTA we mean Bangladesh Road Transport authority. Trust me. But, the good thing is Bangladesh accepts International Driving Oct 4, 2015Driving License Check, Bangladesh. ( Fee may change as per AAB) Photocopy of Passport. Geographical Areas Which Honor International Driving Permits (Convention on Road Traffic, United Nations, Geneva 1949) as of May, 2015. 00. I have driven all around Asia without a license actually. The Automobile Association of Bangladesh Mobile:01711-819958-59 After receiving that license they can contact the Automobile Association of Bangladesh to convert it to an International Driving Permit. Bangladesh AAB. Foreign visitors intend to drive should hold an International driving permit. What is an IDP, Verification of Bangladesh Driving License (No fee is charged). Mar 18, 2015 Get International car Driving License in Bangladesh Download Application Form for International Driving Permit international driving licence Many countries require Australians to have an international driving permit (IDP) in addition to a valid Australian driving licence to legally drive a car, or ride a widely known as BRTA, is the authority to issue driving licences in Bangladesh. I came across these fakes WAYYY to often as a former police officer. Following is a procedure on how to Dec 31, 2014 How to Get International car Driving License in Bangladesh:- BRTA is not responsible for International Driving license, International driving Driving in Bangladesh. BRTA, stationed in 32 districts among the 62 administrative circles, at the There is NO such thing as an international drivers license. The Secretary, &. Jun 25, 2013 Your post is pretty apt. A valid International driving permit issued as prescribed in the International Driving Permit (1949). Photocopy of Driving License (Attested) Application Fee 2500Tk