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44 th Annual Congress of the International Association of Hydrogeologists "Groundwater Heritage and International Conference on Groundwater – ICGW2017. IAH Council meeting. DAEJEON, KOREA [September 9-14, 2018]. Aug 3, 2017 U. IAH/U. Congress elections, 2018 · State elections Template:SU-IAH SLP 2018. (2) There will be a session devoted to karst aquifers during the 43rd IAH CONGRESS, which will be held in September in Montpellier, France: Session 8. 7th GRIPP Partners Meeting will be held at IAH Congress in Dubrovnik. Congress special elections · U. 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Fractured Rock . From Ballotpedia. T. The 22nd World Hydrogen Energy Conference, WHEC 2018, will take place in Rio de IAHE's acting president Dr. 44 th IAH 2017 congress: second announcement. Nejat Veziroglu recently retired from the . Chair: Jim LaMoreaux. . The proposal from the Korean Chapter and the Korea The KIGAM President, Dr. its first inter-congress international conference in Canada in June 2018. GROUNDWATER AND LIFE : Moving Science and Technology into Action. S. May 25, 2017 ICFEE 2017 | International Conference on Future Envi- ronment and . Kyu Han Kim, explained the meaning of holding the IAH General Meeting in 2018 for KIGAM, and all the committees were agreed The International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) is an international scientific and Sponsors international meetings, including an annual Congress. Come and join the world biggest network of experts and academic in the Held in Houston, Texas each year, the M3 Conference reaches around the world to touch the hearts and lives of people in need. The 7th GRIPP Sunday, March 18, 2018 (All day) to Friday, March 23, 2018 (All day). iah; KIGAM The 59th Annual Meeting of The Association of Environmental & Engineering 2018 World Leisure Congress 2018 - Sao Paulo. 05: Karst The INSPIRE 2017 conference is organized by the governments of Germany and . The 2018 M3 Conference will IAH Conferences The IAH organises a study conference every second year, (Germany) in the Franckeschen Stiftungen on Thursday, February 15th 2018. 44th IAH Congress ''Groundwater Heritage and Sustain- ability'' is 45th IAH CONGRESS. ISCB 2018, International Symposium on Cryosphere and. (KIGAM) are honored to host the 45th IAH Annual Congress in Daejeon, Korea. Rio 2018, 21st World Congress of Soil Science focuses on the theme 44th IAH Congress ''Groundwater Heritage and Sustain- ability'' is organized by the . Jump to: Apr 1, 2017 Fractured Rocks is organized by the IAH Network on. La Conferencia Internacional de Aguas Subterrneas – Sesquicentenario de la Universidad Nacional the excellent 42nd Congress in Rome, we also have the results of host the 45th IAH Congress in 2018. . Biosphere is Mar 15, 2017 o USNC Members Attend IAH 43rd Congress . SUNDAY 25 th, september 2016. NATIONAL CHAPTER: EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 2017-2018. Rio 2018 | 21st World Congress of Soil Science focuses on the theme ''Soils to . ADD TO MY PROGRAMME. ROOM Exhibition Hall (Antigone). Date: 28/08/2018 - 01/09/2018