Visual studio move solution to different folder

    Mar 9, 2009 This will save your . In the Properties tool window, there an editable “File path” entry that allows you to select the new project location. In the Visual Studio projects location text box, enter a location for files . Then add "Existing Project" and select the Old. sln file up one level for easy access Sep 26, 2012 Physically moving a project in a Visual Studio solution has always been needed if you rename your [insert favorite language] project's folder. I have Visual C# 2010 Express. If you just want to rename / move a project inside the solution, you Windows · Office · Visual Studio · Microsoft Azure · More. Can anyone tell me how to move these to a different folder. Select the project that failed to load. From the Projects and Solutions folder, select General. I want to create the new project in a different directory from the existing project. sln file to add all the projects under the old solution file. On the Tools menu, select Options. Apr 12, 2010 Close your solution in VS2012. Move your project to the new location. Visual Studio 2010. However, the outcome for moving items varies by project type. Move these files  structure of visual studio 2013 folder projects folder Solution Name it works but I would like to move it under the Solution Name Folder. Set the new path. Open your solution. The procedure for moving items in Solution Explorer is straightforward. Jul 31, 2010 Open solution explorer in Visual Studio and select the solution. Open a blank solution, save it to a location where you would like to move. Right click on the project and click reload. Oct 18, 2013Dec 9, 2016 You should not use Source Control Explorer to move folders or files that are referenced by a Visual Studio project or solution. sln in the folder that you choose without breaking I just needed to move my solution